Dear Customers,

Please note some of the changes to the way our two restaurants will be operating due to the corona virus and subsequent regulations imposed by the State of New York and the local governments in Nassau and Suffolk counties.  We are hoping that these changes are only temporary and we will keep you posted if any further restrictions are warranted. 

*  Our hours of operation are temporarily changing to 10am - 8pm Monday through Sunday. Please place all of your food orders by 7:30 pm and drink orders by 7:45 pm. 

*  We will not be able to accommodate dine-in service at either of our locations until further notice.  All food and drink items will be take-out and delivery only.  We will, weather permitting, try our best to accommodate curbside delivery if you request it when placing your order. Also, as many of you know, Uber and Doordash services are available.  

*  We will be limiting some of our menu options, as certain items might be in short supply.  To compensate for that, and for your convenience, we will be adding some grocery products to our list of available items.  Please call the restaurant to get more information.  

We welcome any comments or suggestions from you and will try to be flexible and understanding, hoping for the same on your part.  This is an uncharted territory for all of us, and the best we can do is be kind and patient with one another.  Please remember that by staying open (at risk to ourselves), we are trying to fill the need for healthy nutitious food in our communities, while also helping our employees provide for their families during this difficult time.  

We hope that you stay healthy and strong. Together, we will get through this!

bee-ORGANIC family 

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